Welcome to a peak inside our family! We live where the air hurts your face in the winter and you wonder if you're actually melting in the summer, the Hawkeye state! I will always choose melting over freezing, in case you were wondering. I have had a camera in my hand since I was in middle school and my love only grew when my first babe was born. I used my camera to freeze time as much as I could. How can time go so fast when you're awake for so much of it with kids? If you have the answer I would love to hear it! 

My job is awesome 

My favorite part is giving parents awesome images of their family, especially after a session when they think it couldn't have been possible. I love waiting for the moments that make your your family unique. Maybe it is a funny face or a silly sibling giggle fest. Whatever it may be, I want you to see your true family in your photos. We will strive to capture the coveted "look and smile" but you might be surprised that the unplanned, lifestyle images will make you laugh or cry happy tears. Both images play an important role in building your family time capsule.  

2020 by Jamie Lynne Photography - Des Moines, Iowa