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A Winter Babyshower

A fellow photographer and friend is expecting her first baby in just weeks. As with any big event it is hard to be sure you photograph all the important people and moments that happen. Usually at the end of an event you are left with warm memories of all the people that came and celebrated with you, but no photos to remember it by. That is where I came in. Katie asked that I come join her baby shower and quietly photograph all the happenings and excitement that is preparing a new mom for her bundle of joy.

There is something about baby showers that just makes you happy. There are so many people around an expectant mom showering her with gifts and well wishes, as well as advice and tips to get her through the long days and longer nights. They remind her how much they miss those days even though in the thick of it you might wish it away. You leave a baby shower missing when your kids were small and so excited for the mom to be.

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