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Let's Talk Vacation Photos

If you are anything like me you have big plans for vacation pictures. You pack a dslr camera, lenses, battery packs and chargers in your big camera bag for a vacation. For me anyway, when we got ready to venture out and I packed up a backpack for the three kids, strapped the baby on my back in a carrier, made sure we had all the necessities I didn't have the arm capacity to then carry around my big camera bag. And the times that I did, I found I didn't get it out of the bag much and at the end of the day I was exhausted from lugging it around.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Markii and all my lenses. I love the images they create. I would never trade it for the world!

When I came home from vacation I was always so upset with myself that I didn't take many photos. I know this is opposite of what you would expect of a photographer! I was upset with myself for not photographing my family memories as completely as I should be for them.

That is when I decided to go small. The world is big into DSLR cameras and it seems like everyone has one to create amazing images of their family. But if you aren't using it, it's not the best camera for you! I researched and found a cute little Canon camera that fit in my pocket but could still produce quality images. Mine is the Canon G5x Markii, but you can find a lot of options in this category of cameras now.

What I love about my small camera and why I don't regret leaving the "big guy" at home

1. I actually use it!

This is the biggest and most important reason to me. I grab the camera out of my purse and I use it. The fact that I can slip it in a coat pocket or in the side of my small purse is a huge bonus. Moments on vacation happen fast and the faster you can grab your camera and get the shot, the better.

2. My kids and spouse can figure it out.

Over the years my husband has figured out how to navigate my Markii, kind of. My kids know they aren't allowed to mess with it. This isn't the case for the little guy. No, it isn't a cheap piece of equipment but I feel comfortable with my boys (7 and 9) using it. It is also really fun to see things from their perspective! This also means that you can be IN the photos when others aren't intimidated to use your camera!

3. It produces great images!

They have come so far with camera technology and it is constantly improving. If I am comparing it side by side an image I took with my Markii, yes I can tell. But the quality is still great and worth the smaller sensor for the convenience of use. I would rather have 100 slightly less quality images than only a handful from my professional camera!

4. Wifi capabilities are amazing.

I know that some of the larger cameras have this capability now and it is so darn handy. I can hold my little camera in one hand, my phone in the other and quickly and easily transfer a few images to my phone. I can upload right then and there to Instagram if I wish. It is a convenience feature I love!

5. Less worried about damage.

When I have $5,000, or more, worth of equipment on my back, left in a hotel room, or jostled around in the back of the car I can get a little paranoid. It is like having an extra child to worry about! Not that I would ever want my little camera to break or that I am not careful with it, but IF it did I wouldn't be as devastated as I would be with my big guy. Also, my big camera is my job. If I had to have it repaired it would mean I would have to rearrange my work schedule and that is NO FUN.

In the end, whatever camera you take on your own family vacation, just make sure you use it. If you get out your DSLR and come home with plenty of awesome images, thats amazing! If you don't get it out of the bag enough, don't be afraid to invest a little and go small. You won't be disappointed.

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