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A Family Vacation

Our most recent family trip has been in the making for many years. My great grandfather and his brother built two cabins in northern Minnesota on a beautiful clear lake. My dad spent his summers there with his siblings and many cousins. I have been as a small child but the memories are faint, if at all. There was an opportunity for us to spend time at the cabin this summer so we jumped at the chance. Once it was set my next order of business was to get my dad on board for a road trip with three kids in a minivan. It wasn't hard to do when he learned our destination.

For this trip I wanted to try something new and different. I had wanted to create a family video before but I never actually followed through. Until this trip. I tried to take as many photos in between short video clips to cover all my bases. It was fun and frustrating creating something I have never done before. But I am so glad I gave it a shot and created my first lifestyle video to look back on this memorable week. Enjoy this glimpse into my family and our special trip!

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