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Adoption Rocks

Not every family needs birth photos to document the growing of their family. I have many friends that have opened their hearts and home to children that came to them in all different ways. This family I have known since she was my son's preschool teacher many years ago. I know she has wanted to become a mother for so long and had some joy and some heartbreak along the way. Adoption wasn't in her plan but life leads you down paths you didn't know were waiting for you sometimes. He has been their son since they first learned of him but the joy and relief that washed over everyone in the room was an amazing thing to experience. I joined them for their appearance before the judge when their little guy officially took their last name. We stopped in the skywalks for a few family photos to celebrate this moment.

If you have a special event you want to document you can see options on my website listed under Day in the Life.

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